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This submission form is for consideration for our online monthly issue only. Submit to our Fall/Winter 2019 Print issue here.

Poetry for poetry's sake is useless. Lazy, pretty words are caught easily in a keen reader's headlights. We appreciate poetry in different styles and contemporary takes on old forms, we appreciate poets who aren't lazy with free-verse and playful with sonnets. In our opinion, the best poetry takes the most barbed, human ideas and emotions and fashions them into simple, efficient daggers. A single poetry submission can include up to three separate poems in a single document. Poems can be written in any language, whether earthly or celestial, as long as an accurate translation accompanies them. We also welcome recordings of writers reading their poetry, without limits to the length of the recordings. We encourage poets to submit self-made illustrations, as they can function as extensions of their words. If an image does not accompany your submission we will assign it one.